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Fancy a kitchen makeover?

Jan 13, 2013   //   by Liz   //   RJW Carpentry News  //  No Comments

The kitchen is the hub of the home……it’s where you prepare food, eat food, make a drink, wash the dishes (or pop them in the dishwasher!), do the washing, do the ironing,  entertain guests or even watch television!

Is it time then to give your kitchen a makeover? Don’t be fooled by the TV makeover shows that do it in an hour…redesigning a kitchen is a huge project and should not be attempted over a weekend. There are many things to consider. First you must decide what you want to change and what you want to keep, if anything. Some people take the opportunity to change their kitchen from top to bottom including the cabinets, worktops, sink and appliances, while others may prefer to just update the doors or worktops.

There is one basic rule of thumb to follow however when designing a kitchen: the triangle theory. This theory basically states that a kitchen should have a natural pathway between the sink, cooker and fridge and that there should be sufficient worktop between the three to ensure maximum efficiency.

Kitchen cabinets are basically the furniture of the room so you want to choose a style of cabinet and worktop that is going to suit the style of the entire room. If you would like a country house feel then you might like oak cabinets and worktops, but if you fancy 21st century chic then black cabinets and granite worktops would look great. Finishing touches make all the difference to the look and style of your kitchen, so when it comes to choosing between chrome and wooden doorknobs make sure you pick the ones that will really enhance the look you’re trying to establish. 

Do you want your appliances on show or tucked away? Also have a look at how much kitchenware you have before deciding on the minimum amount of storage space you can live with.

Replacing kitchen worktops can brighten up the whole room without the expense of a whole new re-fit. The kitchen worktops are the most noticeable aspect apart from the doors and are the most used surface in the home. Kitchen worktops need to provide a good workspace for preparing food and should be easy to clean and be durable as they take the most wear and tear out of any surface in the home apart from the floors! Durable worktops will be among the most expensive, but it is money well spent in the long run. Any parent knows the stress of keeping kitchen work surfaces clean, so materials should be chosen based on their ease of cleaning. Worktops made from  extremely porous materials will stain and end up looking unclean. Tiles are also hard to clean because debris will collect in the grout, which will get dirty very fast. Safety is also an often overlooked factor in worktops, but parents of small children should make sure that edges are rounded to prevent injury.

Finally, consider your budget…would you like to give your kitchen a total makeover with a brand new design or remodel the kitchen you already have? Either way RJW Carpentry can help, from fitting new worktops and/or doors to planning and designing an entirely new kitchen……email or give us a call to see how we can help.