Awkward Room Shapes or Sizes?

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Sloping ceilings? Chimney breasts? Nooks and crannies? These can all give your room character but prove difficult to ulitise. This is a particular problem with loft conversions – all the hard work done and you have a beautiful new room but…where to put the wardrobes, dressing table, not to mention the bed, in this lovely, sloping ceiling-ed room?! The answer lies in bespoke fitted  furniture – a speciality of RJW Carpentry. We can help you can make that awkward space a feature point of your room while also gaining added storage space.

It’s not just awkward shaped rooms that cause headaches, small rooms do too. However, just because it’s a small room does not mean it cannot be used like any other room in your house. Having fitted furniture can ultilise every available space to create a comfortable place for living while giving lots of storage space. Bespoke furniture is custom made for you and for that particular environment.  For example, the space under a bed can be utilised for extra deep cupboards, especially in a child’s room where a cabin style bed would be ideal. Carefully designed wardrobes can be fitted with internal shelving storage and hanging space. Putting furniture in a small room can potentially make the room feel cramped and dark, that is why each small bedroom we fit at RJW Carpentry is carefully planned to maximise light and a sense of space, without compromising on storage. 

We would always recommend light coloured furniture, white is currently very popular but also Ivory or Cream colours work well. Some woodgrains can be quite dark, however there are a number of lighter varieties available such as Light Oak, Ash, Birch or Maple effects.

So, if you are scratching your head and wondering how on earth you are going to fit a bed, wardrobe and dressing table into that box room, or how you are going to fit  double wardrobes around that chimney breast why not give RJW Carpentry a call, we may be able to help!

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