For the purposes of these Terms & Conditions (hereinafter, “Terms”), “us”, “we” or “our” shall refer to RJW Carpentry and “you” or “customer” shall refer to you, our customer. You have requested that we undertake certain works for you and, by allowing us to proceed with those works, you are indicating your agreement to the Terms set out below.



The value of a verbal estimate, when given, is what we expect to charge you for the works, based on our initial discussions. In the event of unforeseen circumstances or unexpected issues arising, it may be necessary to review the original price and provide you with a new estimate.  The written estimate is the price for the works discussed, including labour and materials, (or labour only where specified) additional costs including expenses (if any) and VAT. Any subsequent variation to the works (including, without limitation, if you change the scope or if unforeseen circumstances or unexpected issues arise) will likely result in a new or revised written estimate. You have the right to accept or decline the new estimate. Should you choose to decline, all works will cease and, on receipt of our invoice, you must pay in full for all works already completed in accordance with the original estimate.


Customer Obligations

If you and we agree that you will be responsible for providing the measurements for some or all of the materials and/or the materials and products needed for the works, you alone will bear the cost of replacing the said materials and/or products in the event the measurements are incorrect and/or the said materials and/or products turn out to be faulty and/or unsuitable. You must ensure that any supplied materials are delivered to site in time for the commencement of works. Where it becomes necessary for us to purchase materials that should have been supplied by you these will be subject to a 35% mark up on cost price. This mark up is necessary as materials purchased and charged back to the customer increases our annual turnover and is subject to taxation. 


You will inform us, prior to the works commencing, of any hazards or potential hazards known or suspected in or around the premises where the works are due to be carried out. It is your responsibility to ensure that the working area is clear of personal belongings and obstructions prior to commencement of works including removing everything from the existing kitchen units and/or cupboards if applicable. You will ensure the safe and secure storage of any materials and/or equipment left (with your permission) at the premises during the works, and will be accountable to us for any loss of or damage to such materials and/or equipment.


As our quotes do not include any budget for parking expenses please supply parking vouchers (where required).


Our Obligations

We will undertake the works with all due care, skill and diligence, will complete the works within a reasonable timeframe, and will ensure that we comply at all times with all applicable laws and regulations. 


We will supply one or more, as necessary, of our dedicated team to undertake the works for you. Unless agreed otherwise, the person(s) supplied will be at our discretion and may or may not be the same as the person(s) who provided you with the original estimate and/or quote.


Fitting date & commencement of works: a fitting date is given on good faith and every attempt will be made to carry out work as stated in our quotation. Any timescales for the duration of the works are given as a guideline only. The price quoted is for the works discussed irrespective of the time it actually takes to complete.  We do not charge a daily rate unless specifically agreed in writing beforehand.  


We will supply materials and/or products needed for the works (if any) that are of high quality and will take responsibility for replacing any materials and/or products that prove to be faulty or substandard. This does not apply to materials and products supplied by yourself.


We will take good care of your property, furnishings and wall coverings. Whilst all due care will be taken, we cannot be held responsible for dust/dirt that may be caused by our period of work, nor can we be held responsible for any damage caused to personal items left within our ongoing work area. These should be removed/relocated or covered before arrival on site.


On completion of the works we will remove any resulting waste material only if agreed in the quotation. Otherwise the removal and disposal of rubbish will be your responsibility. We would not accept any responsibility for the removal of any hazardous waste such as, for example, asbestos, gas canisters, fridges or freezers.


We confirm that we hold, and will continue to hold, a valid and current Public Liability Insurance Policy and, where relevant, Employers Liability Insurance Policy.


Additional Works

Any additional works requested are welcome but may be subject to further negotiation and carried out at our discretion. All costs for additional works will be agreed before work begins and a quotation provided. In the absence of a quotation a minimum hourly rate of £40.00 will be charged for any work carried out, in addition to the cost of materials.


Materials and Products

For the avoidance of doubt, all materials and/or products supplied and delivered to you during the course of the works shall remain the property of RJW Carpentry until such time as the works as detailed on our invoice have been paid for in full by you. Title to such materials and/or products will transfer to you only when full payment has been received by us and no further sums are owing.


Please see our additional Terms & Conditions for Bespoke Made Carpentry & Joinery.



Our quotations do not include decoration unless otherwise stated. If painting is required we achieve a hand painted finish (not spayed, unless stated otherwise). All external woodwork, doors and windows should be knotted and primed immediately, and sealed (painted or varnished) within two weeks of fixing. This also applies to interior woodwork and bespoke made items (please see our additional Terms for Bespoke Made Joinery). We recommend that you use the services of a professional decorator. We cannot be held responsible for joinery/woodwork rotting, warping, twisting or shrinking unless the above has been adhered to.


Kitchen Designs & Plans

The customer must ensure that all plans, including kitchen design plans, have been drawn up and are correct before any installation takes place as we cannot be responsible for any plans drawn up by others. Any deviation from the plan whilst works are taking place must be discussed and agreed between the customer and ourselves. Should the installation or kitchen design vary substantially from the original plan it may be necessary to obtain another plan at the customer’s expense.


It is assumed that all existing white goods, boilers and plumbing system are in full working order at commencement and for the duration of the works. It is not uncommon for underlying faults in older appliances, boilers, tanks and cylinders to be aggravated by, for example, disturbing old pipes and valves, increase/decrease in water pressure or isolation of water and/or electricity. We cannot accept any responsibility for any fault or leak that may occur during the works.


Force Majeure

Neither party shall be held liable for any delay or failure in fulfilling their obligations under these Terms where such delay or failure results from circumstances beyond that party’s control (including, but not limited to, an act of God, fire, act of government or state, prevention from or hindrance in obtaining any materials, energy or other supplies, industrial action or labour disputes of whatever nature, and any other reason beyond the control of that party).



Should you wish to cancel the works, you will need to give us as much notice as possible. If materials have already been purchased and we are unable to return them to our supplier for a refund you will be liable for the subsequent costs incurred. If you cancel a job without reasonable notice we also reserve the right to charge for part of our labour costs.


Deposits & Payments

For jobs under £10,000, and/or if the work required is Bespoke carpentry, a deposit of 40% will be required to secure the job. For jobs over £10,000, the cost will be broken down into 3 or 4 stage payments with the deposit being a third of the total price of the work.


Full payment terms (including, where relevant, interval payments to be made by you) are as set out in the applicable estimate and on the invoice. For the avoidance of doubt, you agree to settle any undisputed invoice in full in accordance with the Terms detailed on the estimate/invoice, and you further agree to pay us interest at a rate of 2% above the Bank of England base rate on any payments not settled in accordance with these Terms and the terms of the applicable estimate/invoice.



We hope and expect that you will have no cause to complain about any aspect of our service. If, however, there is anything at any point that does not meet your expectations, with the exception of customer supplied materials, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will do our utmost to make things right. Please note however that frivolous call outs are chargeable, where a minimum call out charge of £45.00 would be applied.


Deposit & Payment

For bespoke made items we will require a deposit of minimum 40% to cover the cost of materials to be used on the project and the start of the work. The figure may be higher depending on the size and duration of the project, and/or if there are materials which need to be specially ordered. The actual amount of deposit required will be detailed on the estimate and confirmed in communications with the customer once the work has been agreed. An invoice will be raised for the deposit required. The deposit serves as a firm commitment for work to proceed, allowing us to schedule the project into our calendar of work and give an expected date for completion. Once work has been completed we require the remaining balance to be paid immediately.


Changes or Cancellations

Because the bespoke work we do is tailored to fit customer specifications we do not accept cancellations once materials have been purchased and work has begun - therefore deposits are non-refundable from that point onwards. Changes to the original specification and design are not possible unless we are in the very early stages of production and before work commences, these should be notified and discussed as soon as possible. If it is additional work that is required we will supply a quote for the extra work, separate from the on-going project.



Depending on the project there may be limited access to parts of your home whilst we are installing the items. For instance a bespoke kitchen installation will have very limited access and potentially a temporary disconnection of power and/or water supplies. We take care to ensure that we vacuum any debris generated by our work and leave the areas tidy once complete.



Finish & Decoration

Upon completion of the project we will advise you how to best take care of the item. Where discussed and specified in the estimate decoration may be included, for instance primer, top coat, varnish, wood stain etc. Where items are supplied un-painted or un-varnished we take no responsibility whatsoever for the finish of the decorations. With regards to exterior items, for instance doors, gates etc we recommend that these are decorated and weatherproofed as soon as possible as we take no responsibility whatsoever for any deterioration of the unprotected item(s) due to weather etc.


Natural Wood

Solid wood and wood veneer are wonderful materials that create a beautiful visual effect. It is important to note that no two pieces are ever the same, the variation seen in grain patterns, hue, sap and resin markings simply adds to the uniqueness of your item.